Lewis Morris

Co-founder, with his brother Richard, of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion.

Biography of Lewis Morris

Biography of Richard Morris

The Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion was founded in 1751 and received its Royal Charter in 1951, on the occasion of its bicentenary. Established for the encouragement of Literature, Science and the Arts as connected with Wales, the society continues to promote the practice and development of literature, the arts and sciences insofar as they are of special interest to Wales, the Welsh people and those interested in Wales

Meetings of the Society are usually held in London but at least two meetings are held each year in Wales. Lectures are delivered at these meetings - sometimes in Welsh but more often in English - by scholars invited by the Council. These lectures and other learned contributions are published in the annual Transactions and sent to all members on publication.

The first Transaction was published in 1822 and, in the earlier years, there were periods in which they did not appear. However, they have since been published annually for over a hundred years, except for war years, giving us an insight into the interests, standards and culture of their days. Other works of scholarship are also sponsored by the Society from time to time and details of these can be found on this website

The Society is entirely self-supporting; non-political; and, with its membership drawn from all walks of life, it covers many shades of opinion, so is wholly without bias. We look forward to sharing our past and our future with you.

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